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The person behind the Lab

Growth Lab was created by Malak, a growth expert with 12+ years of experience growing startups in MENA as a growth lead, growth advisor/consultant, startup mentor, and trainer.

Years of Experience
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the Mission

I want to help as many startups as possible achieve sustainable growth

I started my career in a startup. I learnt and grew in and with startups. I had some of my best days, my biggest victories, my proudest and my toughest moments also in startups.
In short, this is where my passion lies.
It brings me joy to see an idea coming to life.. or a small business growing, competing and sometimes overtaking giants.

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the Values

Aligning on objectives is great, but aligning on values is actually vital.

Values determine how we show up in life, who we bring to our inner circle, what's acceptable to us, and what's not something we can live with.
In business, values are just as important as they are in our personal lives. They determine the code we work by, and they're vital to the success of any business partnership.


Openness & honesty are the foundation of our relationship. I'll tell you what I really think is best to deliver the most value. No fluff. No empty promises.


Your success is my success. Taking responsibility for my work & its outcome is at the core of how I operate to deliver results that we can all be proud of.

Learning & Growth

I have a thirst for knowledge & a passion for growth (your growth & mine). Mistakes happen, but it's only a failure when we don't learn something from it.


For startups, adaptability is key. Agility enables us to embrace innovation, flexibility, and nimbleness, ensuring our strategies align with your evolving needs and unforeseen changes.

Compassion & Respect

Everyone must be treated with empathy & respect, even when you don't agree with them. I value diverse perspectives and will do my best to understand the challenges you face.

Customer Obsession

I always tell startups that putting their customers at the center of everything they do is the secret to success. I walk the talk with my clients as well. I'm here to help you go wherever you want.

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