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for startups that want to invest in their people


The closest-to-my-heart service.
Coaching you /your team on startup growth principles and strategies to build a growth mindset that goes beyond channels & tools.

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who is this service for?

Startups that have a person/team to work on growth, but need to train the skills

This service is the most effective & cost efficient option for you if you already have one or more team members that can work on growth, but they're missing the experience or the skillset. This could also be a great option for founders that need coaching on startup growth.

After the training is done, you might want to opt-in for an Advisory partnership to provide high-level guidance for your team.. or have me as your Fractional Growth Lead to work regularly with you and your team.

what does this service offer?

A great investment in yourself and/or your people

Teaching is something that I've been doing since I was 13 years old - no joke, I was a math & sciences tutor at that age :') I just love to teach!
To invest in your or your team's education is one of the highest ROI decisions you can make.
In my training/coaching, I don't teach people about how to use a tool (even though I can) but rather how to think and build a growth mindset. This means that no matter what new tools come tomorrow, their training would still serve them

Startup Growth

Including Marketing-Led Growth and Product-Led Growth. Learn about growth strategies, loops, funnels, levers and frameworks. It's a whole thing!

Digital Marketing

Acquisition and retention: from paid ads and content marketing to life-cycle marketing and emails. Learn about digital marketing strategies, channels & best practices.

Customer Journeys & CRO

Learn about how to map customer journeys and design customer experiences to improve conversion rates at every step and ultimately drive revenue growth

Experiments & Testing

To design and run experiments is an art. Learn about how to do testing, what data to look at to formulate testing hypothesis, and how to make the best out of your experiments.

the Process

A good process is your best friend, can't go anywhere without it!

growth lab startup growth training startup growth coaching process step 1
Step 1

Assessment & Objectives

We'll start by a deep dive to get an understanding of your business and your needs, then set the goals for the coaching.

growth lab startup growth training startup growth coaching process step 2
Step 2

Meeting the Team

Meeting with the person/team I'll be coaching to understand where they're at and what they're interested in.

growth lab startup growth training startup growth coaching process step 3
Step 3

Designing the Training

I'll design the training topics, schedule and material based on your current state, your desired outcomes, and your team's skillset.

growth lab startup growth training startup growth coaching process step 4
Step 4

Delivering the Training

I always prefer to conduct trainings in person, but if that's not an option for you, we can always do this online.

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