growth lab fractional cgo for startups
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The most hands-on service offered.
You'll have regular access to an experienced growth lead, without the commitment and the cost of a full-time hire.
p.s: "fractional" is just a fancy word for "part time"

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who is this service for?

Any startup that requires regular support over time

If your startup is at a stage where you need someone to continuously & frequently be involved to support your startup's growth, this service is the most effective & cost efficient option for you.

If you need someone to be involved on a higher level, where follow-ups happen once on a weekly/monthly/quarterly basis, The Advisory service would be a better option for you.

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what does this service offer?

From strategy, to execution & optimization, you're setting your startup up for sustainable growth.

The commitment typically is 2-3 hours per day, 3-4 days per week, for a period of 3 months up to a year
(adjustable & renewable based on your startup's stage & objectives)
I’d be directly working with you & your team, and available for calls during the scheduled hours.

Comprehensive Growth Strategy

Together, we will create a tailored growth strategy for your business. Through analysis & research, we'll identify blockers, explore untapped opportunities, and set your startup for sustainable growth.

Tactical Execution

Strategy alone is not enough; execution is key. I will work alongside your team, providing hands-on guidance and support to ensure flawless execution of our growth roadmap.

Data-Driven Decision Making

We'll continuously monitor and analyze key metrics to measure our progress and fine-tune strategies. Using insights and best practices, we'll make decisions that maximize your startup's growth potential.

Collaborative Partnership

Your vision is the priority. I am committed to understanding your unique goals & challenges. Together, we'll foster a collaborative open environment to align our efforts for the greatest impact.

the Process

A good process is your best friend; can't go anywhere without it!

fractional growth lead for startups process first step
Step 1

Audit & Assessment

We'll start by diving deep into your current state, growth objectives, and pain points.

fractional growth lead for startups process second step
Step 2

Growth Roadmap

I'll develop a growth roadmap outlining key initiatives, milestones, metrics and KPIs.

fractional growth lead for startups process third step
Step 3

Implementation & Execution

I'll work with you & your team to execute the strategies, staying in regular contact and adjusting as needed.

fractional growth lead for startups process fourth step
Step 4

Monitoring & Optimization

We'll optimize based on results. We'll uncover new growth levers, adapt to market changes & scale successful tactics.

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